Bethany Fisher

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Design + Development

I build web tools for small businesses and digital agencies

I am a front-end web developer and UI/UX designer, specializing in Shopify solutions. Most of my clients are small businesses and digital agencies; often they need custom solutions to meet their needs. I meet people where they’re at, and build solutions that solve the every day problems of my clients and their customers simultaneously.

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Recent work

Silicone chewelry and other craft items shown top-down in a decorative swirl pattern, with a green coloured overlay Cara & Co logo
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One of Chudleigh's apple blossom desserts is shown with an orange coloured overlay Chudleigh's logo
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The spout of a Brewista kettle is shown on a beige background Brewista logo
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Glasses of non-alcoholic wine and macaroons are shown on a table setting, with a blue coloured overlay Rival House logo
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Envello logo Geary Market logo Acart logo Electric Autonomy logo Cupid Boutique logo Smythe logo Coffee Hit logo Effing Queen logo
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Send me an email! I look forward to hearing your next great idea.

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